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Robert Frewen

Robert Frewen, Northiam, East Sussex

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Local History - Frewens and Lords

2nd August 2019

Robert Frewen:

I’m unaware of a feud between the Frewens & Lords.
Thomas Frewen (1691 – 1767) married Sarah Bishop. Although they had eight children, three of whom were male, the name in the male line died out. Sons Thomas (1729 -42) and William (1741-60) died young; son Charles (1733-87) married an Anne Simmons but had no issue. Daughter Mary Frewen (b1726) married William Lord in 1750 and had issue, it is they who hyphenated the name to ‘Frewen-Lord’.
Putatively (I’ve no paper proof on an 18thC Frewen link) my common ancestor with Mary Frewen is Rev. John Frewen (1559-1628), my 10 x great-grandfather (who is her 3 x great-grandfather) which makes us half fourth cousins seven times removed. ‘Half’ because she is descended from Rev. John’s first wife Eleanor Butler, I from his second, Helen Hunt.

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The Frewen and Lord Families

4th February 2013

Robert Frewen:

Stumbled on this site today – strange coincidence! I am descended from Thomas Frewen, eldest son of Rev. John Frewen (1559-1628) of Church House by his second wife Helen Hunt. Thomas settled in Ireland in 1650.

The Frewen-Lord family descends from Mary Frewen (born March 1726) who married William Lord on 15 Jan 1750. On the13 Sept. 1749 <<William Lord, Clerk, was admitted and instituted to the Rectory of Northiam, void by the death of Thankful Frewen, on the presentation of Edward Lord of Wilmington in the Co. of Sussex, clerk, Thomas Lord of Wilmington aforesaid, and Ossory Medlicott of Tisehurst in the said Co., clerk, the patrons thereof for this turn.>>
Mary was the daughter of Thomas Frewen and Mary Bishop. She was one of eight children, her three brothers died without issue, so the male line of that branch became extinct. On marriage she kept the name, hyphenating it with Lord.

About ten years ago when I lived in NYC I corresponded with a John Frewen-Lord – an Englishman who at that time was living in Canada, although I think he has now returned to the UK. He had done considerable research on the descent from William & Mary as he was interested a possible connection with Walter Frewen-Lord. If you have not been in touch with him I will search old saved files for his email (‘tho it would be an old one!)
Robert Frewen

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